A whole month?!

On the Eve of New Years, we reflect on the amazing time we spent on the North Island of New Zealand, but we really can’t believe it’s already been a month!

Experiencing a trip like this, you really start to feel like Bilbo; being swept off on an adventure, coming back to your arm chair…books…garden…

And soon you want to see mountains again, Gandalf!

We hope that our future brings us another trip to NZ, this time to venture around the South Island! We’ll keep out fingers crossed that it’s sooner than later.

To finish the last entry in our trip diary, before more indepth views, we took a journey to Huka Falls before leaving Taupo to catch our flight home in Auckland:


He had a sneaking suspicion that the gorgeous, rushing falls might have been used for the Barrel scene in ‘Desolation of S...

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“It is the road under the mountain…the Dimholt…”

“Long ago, the men of the mountain swore an oath…”

Friday was the day we’d make the long drive, (and eventually the long trek), to the Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, the location of the Dimholt Road in “Return of the King”!

Before leaving Wellington, we stopped by the airport to grab a photo of the huge Gollum sculpture that looms over the food court!

We just missed WETA, who on the following day, ended up putting up Gwaihir with Gandalf on his back, flying right next to Gollum! Shucks!!

There was a whole WETA set up in a gift shop not far from the food court, as well.

It was an insanely windy day that Friday, and the rain was starting to pick up. We were starting to worry that our trek to the Pinnacles would be utterly rained out...

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Rivendell, “Get off the Road!”, and more adventures!

Friday morning in Wellington, we donned Pippin and Legolas once more for an all-day adventure!



Our first stop was Kaitoke Regional park, where Rivendell was filmed. It was also the spot of the infamous “Legolas tree”!









A couple of trainees from the New Zealand army were at the park, and they were fairly excited to see Legolas!


Near by was Harcourt Park, where parts of Isengard were filmed.


After Kaitoke, we headed back to the hotel for some lunch, and made the decision to swing back by Weta and Park Road in costume!

We had a lot better time this go around, and people were really happy to see some familiar characters wandering around Wellywood!





The Park Road Post picture will have to be our Christmas card!

After having some fun around Park Road, we headed over to Mt...

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Behind the scenes…

We arrived in Wellington early Wednesday night. We decided to grab a bite to eat at the Green Parrot, where Viggo and the rest of the cast ate frequently during filming of LoTR. They also hosted the LoTR cast party in 2003.

Thursday morning, we woke up to a cold and rainy Wellington. A day like this could really put a damper on one’s spirits, but we’re in NZ!

First stop was our Weta Workshop window tour!

The first glimpse of Weta we saw were two dwarven statues on top of one of their back gates. Slighty further down was a huge cut out cave troll over the window tour door. Then you round the corner to be greeted by Burt, Tom and Bill!

Inside was a treat for the eyes, with a ton of LotR props and costumes! Including a Lurtz statue, Theodred’s armor, Legolas’ Mirkwood quiver and Lorien bo...

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The Shire, Hobbiton, Middle Earth

The 3rd age of this world….

Monday morning we met with our Air NZ Fairies, two wonderful ladies that made our dream come true!

We saw some local Auckland sites, and picked up the Desolation stamp set.

Tuesday was THE day! Off to Matamata and Hobbiton!

We arrived at noon as Pippin and Legolas to meet up with our tour guide, Shane.

Walking into Hobbiton was the most surreal experience of our lives. The beauty and detail was overwhelming. You couldn’t help but start to well up with joy. It was breathtaking.

Shane gave us great info of the farm and trivia of the movie experience. We were then surprised to meet Mr. Alexander, who owns the farm.

After seeing Bagend and then Sam’s house, you start to hear light Celtic music drifting over the hills, out of The Green Dragon.

As you step into the ...

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We’re going on an adventure!

Our journey began at our dear friend, Debby’s house. She really is the last Homely House, as she’s our mom away from home!image

She dropped us off on Friday morning to Atlanta’s Hartsfield/Jackson airport, where we boarded a Southwest flight that Nadine’s long time friend, Katherine acquired for us!

It was then off to LA to catch the NZ flight

We arrived in LA at 2pm, and our NZ flight didn’t leave until 9, so luckily our friend Becky and her husband Craig were sweet enough to come pick us up and show us around LA, and also feed us! We aimed to head to the Grove, as we heard they had Hobbit decorations up, including Thror’s thone, Unfortunately they had been taken down, but the posters remained. We had a late lunch at the delicious Umami Burger and it was back to LAX.image

We weren’t expecting to...

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LA ‘Desolation’ Premiere!

So luck would have it, that the day we return stateside, is the day of the LA premiere of ‘Desolation of Smaug’!

The Grove area is currently transforming into Erebor!

But apparently the Grove theater will NOT be the location of the actual premiere…we’ve been back and forth from there and the Chinese Theater…

Basically we’ve been playing hotel bingo for the past few weeks -_-.

It’s probably been more stressful than the entire NZ trip!

Here’s hoping an exact location is ironed out in the next few weeks!

A trip-introductory vlog will be coming this weekend!

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Introductory Vlog!

Here is our first Vlog, presented by the Air New Zealand Fairy!

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Celebrating Bilbo’s Birthday!

A quiet, special day for the both of us! Sporting some of our Middle Earth, Hobbit finery, thanks to Air New Zealand!

Cooking up some delicious beef stew with a big loaf of bread on the side, for dinner…

Being that it’s a birthday, we have to have cake! Yummy caramel apple cupcakes for dessert! I think Bilbo would approve…

All the while keeping ‘Fellowship’ on in the background…

Ugh…but Berg fell asleep…elf my furry hobbit feet…half hobbit is more like it! ;)

Happy Birthday, dearest Bilbo! Hope everyone had a great day! How did you celebrate?

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Where we’ve planned to journey!

We’re in the final stages of planning out our North Island trip, so we figured we share what we’ve planned on our journey, with you!

First and foremost, if you’re planning on trekking off the path and just renting a car like we are, make sure you pick up Ian Brodie’s “LotR Location Guide Book”.

It will take you from the North to the South Island, to most locations from the movies. Apparently there should be an updated version here soon, for Hobbit locations. The book included extensive looks at each location along with GPS coordinates. It definitely help us block out our journey!

Our first stop is Auckland and of course the Hobbiton set!

Or rather the Mecca for fans of the movies! We can’t wait to walk the hobbit paths and have a sit down at the Green Dragon! I’m trying my hardest to ge...

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